Thursday, 11 July 2013

Bulk sms services & sms marketing

Bulk SMS marketing has become very popular mainly because of ever increasing mobile users. We have seen recent studies that over 2.4 billion people worldwide are receiving and sending SMS messages every day. Internet marketing companies have realized that they can directly offer their products and services to various mobile phone users. 
SMS marketing offers sending bulk SMS easily and quickly in order to promote and sell their products or services. But to use this marketing tool, it is important to obtain and compile a list of potential customers you want to target. Mainly bulk SMS is offered as an SMS text message and apart from, it can be voice, flash & etc. Text bulk SMS is the most popular one.
The response rate for SMS marketing has been found to be very good, which is quite large compared to other forms of marketing, including print & electronic marketing with a lesser response rate in terms of expense. SMS marketing is used for, now offers, discount coupons, new product launches, offers and other information that can be sent directly to the customer’s Mobile inbox.
Grobizz India provides premium quality Transactional & Promotional bulk SMS for their customers mainly real estate, education & retail business & others.